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One Chin To Rule Them All

Raserhead 250 posted Sat at 2:00


Raserhead 250 posted Sat at 1:58

What Going On With HyperFrost

Verniqua A100 posted Oct 15, 16

Well, Verni accidently deleted her post. Which means I can write it again. Yay! Anyway, let's get to it.

We're so excited to present to the creative works of Outcast!

Like Nothing You've Experience Before, Or Will Again.

Prepare yourself! There is a darker side to HyperFrost. Hidden in the depths of the underground, a fiendish and elaborate  adventure awaits. Outcast has really outdone himself this time. Immerse yourself into the travels of adventurers before you as you read their experience within this dungeon. It's like nothing you've partaken on before in the history of Minecraft. A place filled with danger and puzzles. Your first clue to your adventure awaits you in the texts of the Shop Island. Good luck to you weary traveler as you enter into the world of the End Dungeon.

Halloween Is Just Around The Corner

It's that ghoulish time of the year again, and we've got something hidden up our sleeve for you. DarkEffect_ has been diligently working on a surprise for you all to experience. You can catch a sneak peek of it in the HyperFrost Gallery.

Click Here To View The Gallery

Grand View Build Contest

There are only a few weeks left for you to finish your entry into Outcast's "Grand View Build Contest." An exciting opportunity to push your creative build skills to the maximum. 

Check out all the details of the contest here: Grand View Contest

Discord Anyone?

Many of you have already joined us on the Discord chat. It's a fun, relaxed place to hang out with all your friends on, or off the server. If you haven't made  your way over there yet, don't worry, there's still time for you participate. 

Register at:


Then click to join our Discord Chat at:


Now Get Your Bum Over Onto The Server And Experience What We've Got For You Today!

Welcome to October!

OutcastZeroOne Owner posted Oct 2, 16

Hey guys, its October! you know what that means... Halloween is coming up! Keep an eye out for special events. We've got a few instore for you guys!

Also, be sure to check out the build competition!


Ready for an adventure?
As some of you may know, I have been working on a fairly big project and its almost ready for you guys. Heres a little teaser of whats to come!

If you haven't got onto discord yet then what are you waiting for?

Register at:


Then click the link to join our Discord Chat server!


What's new?

Raserhead 250 posted Sep 25, 16

Hey guys!

Not a huge update but there are quite a few things going on,

Be sure to check out the Build competition being hosted by Outcast!


The Fortress Mob Arena has been revamped!

- A new Arena!

- New Waves!

- An improved boss

- A whole NEW boss with a new reward if you manage to kill it!

Be sure to check it out!

Just use "/ma j Fortress" on the Survival Server!

If you haven't got onto discord yet then what are you waiting for?

Register at:


Then click the link to join our Discord Chat server!


Outcast's evil plans are finally coming together and a whole new Adventure is about to be released on Hyperfrost!

Are you ready?

Be sure to check our social media for sneak peaks, events and all sorts of eye candy goodies.




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