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What's new?

Raserhead Owner250 posted Sun at 0:25

Hey guys!

Not a huge update but there are quite a few things going on,

Be sure to check out the Build competition being hosted by Outcast!


The Fortress Mob Arena has been revamped!

- A new Arena!

- New Waves!

- An improved boss

- A whole NEW boss with a new reward if you manage to kill it!

Be sure to check it out!

Just use "/ma j Fortress" on the Survival Server!

If you haven't got onto discord yet then what are you waiting for?

Register at:


Then click the link to join our Discord Chat server!


Outcast's evil plans are finally coming together and a whole new Adventure is about to be released on Hyperfrost!

Are you ready?

Be sure to check our social media for sneak peaks, events and all sorts of eye candy goodies.





Gpa_doug A25 posted Sep 18, 16

New Contest.  Announcing a new build contest sponsored by Outcast.  I think it's a really cool idea and there are some neat pics too.  A good chance to show off the great builders and imagination of the Hyperfrost players.  If I know Outcast the winning prizes will be monumental.  Check it out at http://hyperfrost.net/forum/m/32888322/viewthread/28491570-grand-view-build-contest/page/1.

Need a break from all that homework?  Join us on Discord and chat with friends and staff at any time.  Use this link to join and enjoy Rasers bot.   https://discord.gg/Mx399Qb.

YEA!  Work is underway to fix the things done to the Fortress Mob Arena by 1.9.  Look forward to being able to clear all those mobs in the next couple of weeks.

Shhhh! It's a secret.  Outcast is woking on a new challange for those of you who like the End.  Comming soon.

Here are some links for you to use to support Hyperfrost and introduce us to your new friends.




That's all the news from Hyperfrost for now.

See you on the server.

What's New With HyperFrost?

Verniqua A100 posted Sep 9, 16

Hello out there to everyone! As you're all aware we've got a new chat set up on Discord that all of you can join.

Come meet our newest member, HyperBot. A fun creation made by Raser with a unique, little personality. You can interact with the bot via commands. Not sure what commands to use? Not a problem, just type   !commands   in the chat and a handy list will pop up. 

If you haven't joined us on Discord yet.. what are you waiting for?! Follow this link and jump right into the conversation: https://discord.gg/Mx399Qb

That's not all that is new this week though, right here on these very forums is a great new thread for you Rugby fanatics.

Wait, you didn't know there was a section dedicated to your favorite sport? Go have a look and post your comments here: http://www.hyperfrost.net/forum/m/32888322/viewforum/6790100

I'm not quite finished yet. Many of you have been asking the big question, "When are we going to update to 1.10?". 

Well we've finally got an answer for you. With the move from 1.8 to 1.9 being such a tough one for the server, we've been waiting for a strong stable version of 1.10 to come out. It's been decided that once 1.10.4 is available, we'll start the upgrade towards 1.10! Yay for Polar Bears!

As usaual, thanx for dropping by! See you on the server!!

Staff changes!!

OutcastZeroOne Owner posted Sep 3, 16

Hey guys got some quick updates on staff members for you all. First off, give GPA_Doug a big congratulations as he is our newest Admin!

Next up, Gren is back as Moderator!

So everyone be sure and say hi to both and welcome them to their new/old positions.

legolace999 Congrats guys
AznEmperor_ Yay Grens back!

We've got a discord!

Raserhead Owner250 posted Aug 27, 16

Hey everyone! We've started up a discord server!

Discord is a chat application, like a mix of teamspeak and skype made for big groups. It has a bunch of cool features such as voice chat and fun commands to try out, plus you'll be able to meet and chat with everyone else who plays on hyperfrost!

If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, then you can join by clicking this link


Hope to see you guys there.


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